The Olympic Studios Archive 

Olympic Studios residency, archive and record shop.

Following on from my residency in 2016, at the Olympic Studios, I have continued to work with the owners to build an archive of the music recorded and mixed at the studios between 1966-2009. When the new owners took over the property in 2013, they took over a shell of a building, bereft of  music related gadgets, studio merchandise and artists’ master tapes from the old studios. I have worked with them to produce a definitive list of the 900 plus albums recorded and/or mixed there between 1966-2009 and to date we have acquired 350 vinyl albums from the list.  

We continue to search for merchandise and images of the old studios and have been interviewing artists, producers and engineers about their memories of their time working there. We are working on a book featuring 100 of the albums recorded there, which would include the stories we have collected, and are looking at a space near the studios to house a mini museum for this archive and a place where we can attract owners of the albums, to sell us the 550 albums that we still wish to acquire. The Olympic 100 is not necessarily the the best selling or all of the famous Olympic albums but is designed to show the breadth and depth of the music that was recorded or mixed there: