Elsewhere – a month long residency in a 60 year old thrift store in Greensboro , North Carolina – Resonate Generate on tour.

“Welcome to Elsewhere. We are a living museum in an old thrift store housing one-woman’s 58-year inventory. We are part museum, studio, school, playground, meeting ground, theater, project space, and laboratory for creative ideas. When you go Elsewhere, you enter the middle of an ongoing experiment of people, places, and things. We are constantly building, playing, trying, changing, inventing, and exploring new environments. Our artists, scholars, and creatives in-residence are excavating the past to design new futures. When you come to Elsewhere, you become part of this evolution." 
xxElsewhere invites creatives working across media, fields, disciplines, and administrations to create projects that activate Elsewhere’s ‘living’ museum. Residents live and work within the space for 2-4 weeks creating site-specific, responsive work that explores the museum environment, surplus inventories, cultural histories, social systems, neighborhood communities, and past artworks.
More info about Elsewhere can be found at:

  • http://www.goelsewhere.org/
  • my project at: http://www.goelsewhere.org/resonate-generate/
  • And info on my fellow residents at http://www.goelsewhere.org/2016-17-artists/   
  • Resonate/Generate @ Elsewhere  
The core of the project is a small fixed location record store on the first floor of the museum containing an edited selection of circa 100-150 12“ and 7” vinyl records from the Sylvia Gray collection, along with related artwork, gadgets and objects.  

The artist’s selection attempts to reflect the history of the thrift store, the musical taste of Sylvia Gray and her children, for whom she bought the music and the artist’s own perception of American culture and society. 
The installation activates the first floor of the museum and while the artist is in residence, the visitor chooses the music and the artist  collects and documents the story behind the choice. When the artist has left the residency, the installation could be taken over by other artists and a mini version both analogue and digital will be presented at reception. Future selections could be made by funders, owners, famous musicians i.e. David Byrne, Iggy Pop.

My experience of this installation is that visitors love to pick through the edited record boxes, choose a favourite track and tell their stories. – a form of memory jukebox which collects stories.

The installation celebrates the music, the artwork and the history of the thrift store.  

The above is the core project and is up and running  – I’d like then to see how closer inspection of the vinyl collection and related gadgets could lead to some cyanotype printing and film making.