A new record shop - It's the Vinyl Countdown…

Olympic Studios Records

66 Church Road, Barnes, London SW13 0DQ

We  announced in May 2018 the opening,of Olympic Studios Records, a local community vinyl record shop, which is located diagonally opposite to the Olympic Studios.
It  very successfully sells vintage and new vinyl records and  celebrates the music recording history of the Olympic Studios, one of the great British recording studios, from its opening in Barnes in 1966 until its closure in 2009.

In addition to selling iconic vintage albums, new pressings of Olympic recorded music and albums by contemporary musicians; the shop will provide a place for local residents to sell their vinyl collections. Staff will advise on what titles will be most saleable, clean and repair the vinyl and its packaging and research the optimum prices for each album.

The shop will also control and display  the archive of all of the music recorded and mixed, wholly or partly, at the Olympic Studios from 1966 – 2009, currently a list of over 1075  albums.   Music related merchandise and signed memorabilia, is available for purchase, along with selected music related equipment. Commission on sales made will be charged at 35% - 50%, depending on the condition and saleability of the albums selected for sale. The store opens  on Friday and  Sunday afternoon 2-5  and 10-5 on Saturdays . 

Any questions about collections for sale and the Olympic Studios Record shop should be sent to the Olympic Studios’ archivist and store manager, Roger Miles.   roger@olympiccinema.co.uk   07770 310879