The Battersea Hoard

Royal College of Art – Work In Progress - end of first year show – Battersea – The Battersea Hoard

A 3 day group show/open studio at the RCA Sculpture Building, 15-25 Howie Street, Battersea, SW11 4AS. I presented a fictive archaeological dig, The Battersea Hoard - an excavation of a wax block containing a 500 strong collection of my late mother’s dolls house pieces

The Battersea/Hastings Hoard – a fictive archaeological dig by Roger Miles and Fraser Carr Miles October 2016 - December 2019

Eight years ago, I took my late mother’s collection of 500 dolls’ house pieces and combined them with molten beeswax in a 15inch cube box. It was an art experiment and I had hoped the cube would be translucent and the viewer would be able to make out the dolls’ house objects, suspended in space.

Unfortunately, it just looked like a block of wax, with no clue as to its contents. I almost threw it away on several occasions but something made me hang onto it.

The presentation of the dig and the stories behind the finds in the RCA Work in Progress show can be further investigated in my film on YouTube – search for The Battersea Hoard or go to:
The half excavated wax block remained untouched until July 2019 – my son Fraser was about to become a father and I visited his studio in Hastings with the wax block Over 2 days I fully excavated the remaining pieces and since then Fraser has been photographing the 500 pieces.  

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