The Mannequins Have Left The Building

Proportions – 3 month residency in a Mannequin Factory that was closing down – The Mannequins Have Left The Building

For the 3 months from 1st February 2015, Roger Miles was the artist in residence at proportion>london’s Blackhorse Road factory and warehouse. During this time, he documented the gradual removal of mannequins and factory equipment to the company’s new factory in Heigham Park and made artwork out of the objects and materials being disposed of. Roger was joined by the photographer, Fraser Carr Miles.   

 The aim of the residency was to capture the beauty and craft of the mannequin sculpturing and production process and to create an archive of images and objects of the old, now-demolished factory and warehouse. The images and work made reference the displacement of communities, tenderness between individuals, transparent beauty, factory images and the power of memorialised objects.

Roger is interested in the history, memorialisation, cannibalisation and re-use of found objects and the stories that go with them. He uses cyanotype printing and photography to document these objects Fraser is interested in how the photographic image can become an object and how its final form interacts with the viewer’s interpretation of the photo. He utilises his book binding skills in his work, developed as a studio member of the London Centre for Book Arts.

Proportion>London proportion>London is a design-led visual merchandising services company specialising in the design and manufacture of mannequins, bust forms and visual merchandising related equipment. 
Often working in collaboration with world-renowned fashion illustrators and designers, the company constantly strives to produce original and unique collections of mannequins, body forms and related collections that are aesthetically stunning, inspirational, modern and effectively practical. 
 proportion>London combines the latest ideas and techniques with a wealth of manufacturing expertise and experience to capture the essence of retailing today -- and into the future. It aims to provide the perfect visual merchandising solution for the most forward thinking retail brands.  
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