Bureau Of Found Audio Objects

The Bureau Of Found Audio Objects


“We have known Roger for some years now, his installations are great, and the way they involve and draw from anyone who encounters them is incomparably engaging - he’s a story catcher and teller.  About 4 years ago, he started working with Olympic studios in London where we recorded, he found some materials from our old recordings and made new visual responses to it as cyanotypes - so I guess in a way we’ve worked together a little before!  He now runs a permanent record store/ installation opposite the Olympic site, it’s a shop but it’s an artwork, it feels like Roger is the custodian of the Olympic archive - that’s the thing that stands out about Roger he seems to be walking the line between art and music - which makes him perfect for this show.”
Simon Rix 

The Bureau of Found Audio Objects as part of When All is Quiet at York Art Gallery.   

The BoFaO is the latest installment of Roger Miles’s on-going, immersive, art and music installation project, Resonate/Generate. It is a vinyl record lost property office, where visitors can claim an album they may have lost and which the Bureau has found. They will be asked to fill in a claim form (on one of 4 typewriters) and if they write creatively and persuasively, the Head of the BoFaO will approve their claim and the visitor will be able to take the album away. They will also be able to play a track from their found album on the Bureau’s hi-fi system. A polaroid photo will be taken of successful claimants and their found album, for display and documentation purposes.  

The albums collected, in advance of the show, by the Bureau will be classified and displayed under a unique WAIQ based classification system, with headings such as:
  • Quiet
  • Sound
  • Song
  • Talk
  • Janet
  • 40
  • Choir
  • Price
  • Deep
  • Listen
  • Fashion
  • Hard
  • Day
  • Youth
There will also be a selection of the Kaiser Chiefs’ WAIQ song choices – signed by the band. These will be on display and the 10 best claim forms from preview night, 13 December, and the following Friday 14 to Saturday 15, will be winners of these signed albums. The judge will be the Head of the BoFaO and his decision will be final.

From 16 December, the artist will not be present and the installation will be slimmed down to a display of 30 Kaiser Chief  and other albums (signed), along with the documentation from the opening weekend i.e. claim forms and polaroids of the successful claimants and their found album. Each month end, the best 10 claim forms will be chosen by the BoFaO and the winners will receive one of the signed KC albums.

 Head of the BoFaO 
 Roger Miles